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Filtronetics, Inc. offers extensive experience in custom SAW filter design and SAW filter manufacturing. Our Saw Filter Design Capabilities Include:

FILTRONETICS, Inc. can use its SAW filter design knowledge and SAW filter manufacturing experience to aid in the design, manufacturing and testing of SAW Filters for any application.

SAW Filter Type


Our SAW Filter Capabilities Include:
Our Saw Filter Electrical Testing Includes:
  • Bandpass RF
  • Bandpass IF
  • SAW Filter w/Fixed Delay Lines
  • SAW Filter w/Dispersive Delay Lines
  • SAW Filter w/Tapped
             Delay Lines
  • Resonators
  • Diplexer
21.4 MHz up to 2 GHz
  • 128LiNb03
  • YZ-LiNb03
  • Quartz
  • LiTa03
  • Thru-hole  - SMT Packaging
  • Standard SAW Filters
  • Custom SAW Filters
  • Low NRE (if required)
  • Testing
  • Temperature Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Shock Testing
  • Voltage Burn-In
  • Encapsulation / Foaming

  • Center Frequency Testing
  • Insertion Loss
  • Bandwidth Testing
  • Ripple Testing
  • Rejection Testing
  • Group Delay Testing
  • Triple Transient Testing
  • Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Phase Linearity Testing

FILTRONETICS, Inc. Custom SAW Filter Design and SAW Filter Manufacturing Capabilities Include: Custom SAW Filter, Bandpass SAW Filter, IF SAW Filter, RF SAW Filter, Microwave SAW Filter, and SAW resonators. We also supply Low-pass Filters, High-pass Filters, Band stop filters, Notch filters, Diplexer filters, Tunable filters, Switched filters, Dual band filters using technologies such as SAW filter, Crystal filter, LC filter or Lumped filter, Cavity filter, Strip line filter and Micro strip filter. Filtronetics can supply specialized custom Surface Acoustic Wave SAW Filter products including Bandpass SAW filter, IF SAW filter and RF SAW filter designs. We carry SAW filters in the following frequency range 21.4 SAW Filter to A SAW Filter are commonly used in radio frequency SAW Filter applications. Surface Acoustic Wave SAW Filter components selectively pass, by frequency, desired radio frequency signals and suppress undesired signals. The amount of loss and phase shift directed at a signal when passing through the SAW Filter is a function of SAW filter design. A SAW Filter allows radio frequency signals within the desired frequency band to pass through, but restricts radio frequency signals that are outside of the desired band or frequencies. Our SAW Filter products include RF SAW Filter and IF SAW Filter designs. Physical modifications and precise specifications can be created in custom SAW Filter products that include the type of packages and types of connector components and the custom electronic SAW Filter design. SAW Filter products packages can include: surface mount, SMD SAW Filter, SAW Filter, SMT SAW filter, through hole SAW Filter, plug-in SAW Filter, connectorized SAW Filter. Connector types for packaged SAW filter products include: SMA SAW Filter, BNC SAW Filter, N SAW Filter, SMB SAW Filter, SMP SAW Filter and more custom SAW Filter designs.

Important performance specifications to consider when searching for custom SAW Filters include Fc SAW Filter, bandwidth SAW Filter, ripple SAW Filter, and insertion loss SAW Filter. For bandpass SAW Filter and band reject SAW Filter, the specified frequency (Fc) refers to the center frequency. Ripple is the peak-to-peak variation of the pass band response. Ripple is expressed in decibels and is a function of the match of the device in the system. SAW Filter Insertion loss is the total RF power transmission loss resulting from the insertion of a device in a transmission line. When there are impedance mismatches in a system, some energy transmitted through will be reflected back to the source. Different amounts of energy will be reflected back by the Surface Acoustic Wave SAW Filter depending on the frequency of the signal. 2000 MHz. We can supply from 5 samples to volume in the millions.

An In-Depth Look at Filtronetics SAW Filter Products

As SAW Filters move to higher frequencies and smaller sizes, the SAW Filter packaging structure has an increasing effect on the electrical performance of the device. In order to correctly design an SAW Filter, package performance must be considered concurrently in the Surface Acoustic Wave Filter design process. For instance a SAW Filter at 1960 MHz a full-wave simulation is first performed on an empty package; inductors are used to represent bond wires. Critical SAW Filter parameters include the shape and rejection level of each SAW Filter component. Filtronetics can accommodate multiple SAW Filter design approaches that have proved to be successful in large-scale production of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Surface Acoustic Wave Filter resonators. Many SAW Filter resonator configurations performance characteristics can be met and new developments can also be accommodated by careful SAW Filter design and custom SAW Filter manufacturing. Filtronetics can manufacture custom SAW Filter products that include coupled-resonator bandwidths of 0.5% and weighting reflector banks to suppress close-in ripple. The trend towards high-coupling SAW Filter designs that do not require single-phase unidirectional transducer (SPUDT) technologies are also available. SAW Filters with single-crystal films have been grown on the planes of sapphire by RF sputtering. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Filter properties, including phase velocity, coupling coefficient, propagation loss, and temperature coefficient of delay, are considered in SAW Filter designs . Availability of these high-frequency Surface Acoustic Wave Filter devices has been demonstrated by a filter with a 1860 MHz center frequency.

Continuous size reduction of today's mobile telephones, in parallel with enhanced functionality, demand higher integration of components, as well as significantly reduced device and component size. Since modern surface acoustic wave (SAW) Filter components combine superior SAW Filter functionality with small size, they play an important role in mobile phone evolution. Increasing the levels of functional integration and permanent miniaturization are therefore the major driving forces in current SAW Filter development. Conventional wire-bonded ceramic, metal or plastic packages are often replaced by space saving flip-chip or chip-scale packages. As functional integration like balun functionality or impedance transformation becomes more and more important for SAW Filters, an integral design approach including acoustical and 3-D electromagnetic effects has to be used. Further size reduction will be obtained by integrating SAW Filters with active as well as passive components in the front-end of cellular terminals or wireless terminals.

SAW filter products are an integral electrical components of many Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) signals providing time division duplex operations that generate bursts of Signal Strength using an outer pulse generator to compare the phases between the Linear Oscillator (LO) signal and the reference signal from the VC-TCXO oscillator in the Phase Locked Loop SAW Filter or PLL circuit of many wireless products. Wireless Local Area Networks depend on SAW Filter and custom SAW Filters for consistent performance. However, in order to demodulate the burst of SS signal, it is necessary to compare the phases using much higher-reference frequency signals. The synchronization of the Linear Oscillator signal and the received signal must be established within the preamble symbols of each burst signal. VC-TCXO oscillators using controlled-frequency ranges create output signals from the Surface Acoustic Wave SAW Filter and the VCO oscillator is supplied to frequency divider and their demodulation phase-locked-loop circuit with high-reference frequency.

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Filtronetics, Inc.  carries an extensive selection of IF SAW filter, RF SAW filter, SAW Filters and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter
products. Our SAW filter design and SAW filter manufacturing company can work with you in determining standard SAW filter
or custom SAW filter design specifications for almost any SAW filter application.

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