FILTRONETICS, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete array of filters, oscillators and crystals.

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Filtronetics, Inc offers a wide array of filters, oscillators, and crystal products.



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FILTRONETICS, Inc. provides LC, Crystal, Ceramic, SAW, Microwave, and Monolithic filters.
FILTRONETICS, Inc. offers a  variety of Quartz Crystals. We have both Surface Mount and Thru Hole parts.
FILTRONETICS, Inc. offers a variety of standard and custom oscillators.
FILTRONETICS, Inc. offers custom and standard inductive products.
FILTRONETICS, Inc. can supply your ceramic diplexer and band pass ceramic filter needs.
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FILTRONETICS, Inc. offers Miniature SMD (Mini) Monolithics.Obtain a rapid quote about our existing products or custom products and services.


FILTRONETICS, Inc. offers an extensive line of Coils, Custom Coils, Standard Coils, Solenoids, Custom Solenoids, and Inductive Products Including RF Toroidal Solenoids, Power Toroidal Inductions, Power Toroidal Inductions, SMT Chip Inductors, Trifilar Coils, Bifilar Coils, DCR Transformers, and Thru Hole Coils.

  • Toroidal Inductions (RF Toroidal Inductions & Power Toroidal Inductions)
  • Solenoids and Custom Solenoid Coils
  • Bifilar Coils, Trifilar Coils and Coil Transformers
  • Thru Hole Coils
  • Surface Mount Coils and SMT Chip Inductors
  • Taped Coils Encapsulated Coils, and/or Custom Coil Inductors
  • Pot Core Assemblies
  • Inductance, Quality Factor - Inductor and Coil Q Testing (Q), Direct Current Resistance - DC Resistance Testing (DCR), and Hi-Pot testing available.


All Custom Solenoids Coils, Solenoids, Coils, RF Toroidal Inductions, Power Toroidal Inductions, SMT Chip Inductors, Trifilar Coils, Bifilar Coils, DCR Transformers, Thru Hole Coils and parts are custom made to specific requirements. We can meet your coils and custom solenoid coil specifications and application requirements with quick turn-around, small quantity to high volume requirements.

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