FILTRONETICS, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete array of filters, oscillators and crystals. Search Filtronetics' database, submit a rapid quote with specific requirements, or order a catalog.View the Filtronetic glossary, encyclopedia, specification standards, and sign up for the quarterly newsletter.Learn more about design, testing, assembly, and packaging from Filtronetics, Inc.Your source for information about the history and goals of Filtronetics, Inc.
  Filtronetics, Inc offers a wide array of filters, oscillators, and crystal products.    
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FILTRONETICS, Inc. provides LC, Crystal, Ceramic, SAW, Microwave, and Monolithic filters.
FILTRONETICS, Inc. offers a  variety of Quartz Crystals. We have both Surface Mount and Thru Hole parts.
FILTRONETICS, Inc. offers a variety of standard and custom oscillators.
FILTRONETICS, Inc. offers custom and standard inductive products.
FILTRONETICS, Inc. can supply your ceramic diplexer and band pass ceramic filter needs.
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