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Filtronetics, Inc. located in Kansas City, Missouri, was established in 1970. Though the years,
Filtronetics, has developed a broad line of frequency products for diverse applications ranging
from communications to instrumentation, for commercial, industrial and military applications.

Filtronetics, Inc. is known for our ability to consistently provide the highest quality custom LC and
Crystal Filters available.  Our mission is to become a valued supplier for all customers, ranging from
University Researchers to Fortune 500 Companies. In addition to custom filters, we offer a broad line
of crystal filters, monolithic filters, SAW filters, cavity and strip line filters, EMI/RFI filters, lumped
element filters and oscillators.

Filtronetics, Inc. works with our customers to guide them throughout the development process,
with technical support for critical applications in telecommunications such as ATM, SONET, LAN,
data processing and high reliability applications.

Engineering Team:
Filtronetics, Inc. employs a technical/engineering staff with decades of combined experience in Electrical
Engineering, Auto-Cad, Hi-Reliability, Physics, Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering.

Quality Team:
Quality is the foundation of our success. The Quality Control Department offers more than 30 years of
experience. Current quality standards are based on and registered to ISO-9001. Customer or project
specific requirements are also available, as well as conformance to IPC-610, MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-883,
MIL-STD-2000,J-STD 001, and many other standards.

Filtronetics, Inc. is responsible for the design and production of numerous high reliability filters used by
the United States government and government related programs. We have been proud contributors
to the following:

  • New Horizon Space Craft
  • Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP)
  • Polar Space Craft Receiver
  • F-15 Fire Control Radar APG 63 (Radar Systems Groups) Hughes Aircraft, El Segundo, CA
  • F-15 MSIP  Hughes Aircraft, El Segundo, CA
  • F-14D AHAP, MSIP Hughes Aircraft, El Segundo, CA
  • ADCAP/MARK 48 Torpedo (Advanced Capabilities Program) Hughes Aircraft, El Segundo, CA
  • PURR Receiver McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, CA
  • PACER BOUNCE Harris RF Communications, NY
  • LADNER Motorola Government Electronics Group, Scottsdale, AZ
  • SUBAC Raytheon Submarine Signal Division, Portsmouth, AZ
  • GOES (Geo-Stationary Operations Environmental Satellite) Hughes Aircraft, El Segundo, CA
  • SPS 48 RADAR/United States Navy ITT Gilfillan, Van Nuys, CA
  • RIVET JOINT/Air Force Surveillance E-Systems. Greenville, TX
  • SEAGULL Missile System United States Naval Avionics, Indianapolis, IN
  • AESIR Program E-Systems, Garland, TX
  • AN/PRC-112 Motorola Government Electronics Group, Scottsdale, AZ
  • CASSINI Spacecraft/RPWS Instrument The University of Iowa. Iowa City, IA
  • F-18 and F-35 Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • ASRAAM, ERGM, SLAM, SLAMER,VANDAL (Command Destruct Receivers) Herley Industries, Lancaster, PA
  • NAP (Nuclear Augmentation Program) Sandia Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Our engineers are experienced in various Hi-Rel testing.
All testing is done in the Kansas City facility with the exception of vibration and x-ray.

For a complete history of Space Programs Filtronetics has been part of click here

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Filtronetics INC 6010 Parretta Drive Kansas City, Missouri (USA) 64120
Tel: 816-231-7375 Fax: 816-241-0368 Email: [email protected]