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LC Filters, Crystal Filters, Saw Filter, Ceramic Filters, RF SAW Filters, Microwave Filters, and Monolithic Filters. Filtronetics has Low-Pass Filters, High-Pass Filters, Band-Pass Filters, Band-Stop Filters, Notch Filters, Diplexers, Tunable Filters, Switched Filters, and other Electronic Filters. 

Clock Oscillators

Standard Oscillators and Custom Oscillators. Types include Clock Oscillators (XO Oscillators), Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO Oscillators), Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO Oscillators), Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (VCTCXO Oscillators). Oscillator Package types include both Surface Mount Oscillators (SMD Oscillators) and Through-Hole Oscillators. Filtronetics also stocks Ovenized Oscillators (OCXO Oscillators).  

Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystals, Surface Mount Quartz Crystals, Thru Hole Quartz Crystals parts, Quartz Crystals in Frequency Ranges 20 KHz to 400 MHz. 


Electronic Component Design, Testing, Assembly, Packaging 


Toroidal Inductions (RF Toroidal Inductions & Power Toroidal Inductions)
Bifilar Solenoids, Trifilar Solenoids and Solenoid Transformers
Thru Hole Inductors
SMT Chip Inductors
Taped Inductors and/or Encapsulated Inductors
Electronic Pot Core Assemblies
IInductance Testing, Q Testing, DCR Testing, and Hi-Pot Testing


Extensive knowledge and experience to aid in the design, manufacturing and testing of both electrical and mechanical assemblies. 


Filtronetics Inc.
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Filtronetics Electronic Filters, Clock Oscillators, Quartz Crystals, Bandpass Filters, Ceramic Filters, and RF Saw Filters
Filtronetics Inc 6010 Parretta Drive Kansas City, Missouri MO (USA) 64120 
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Filtronetics Inc manufactures a wide array of custom filters, quartz crystals, clock oscillators, temperature coils, and ceramics.  Access important information about the electronic components and electrical products Filtronetics, Inc has available.

Learn more about the variety of electronic componenet services Filtronetics, Inc has to offer.  Learn more about the past, present, and future of Filronetics, Inc.

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Specification references provided to existing and prospective clients. Standard Frequency and ESR Tables for SMD Quartz Crystals and Thru-Hole Quartz Crystals.

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Comparison of Group Delay and Amplitude Characteristics in the Frequency Domain of Bessel, Gaussian, Chebychev, and Butterworth Filters of the Second degree. Conversion of Power - Watts to dBm, Jitter, VSWR.

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Definitions of terms related to Custom LC Filters, Oscillators and Quartz Crystals. 




Filtronetics Inc 6010 Parretta Drive Kansas City, Missouri MO (USA) 64120
Tel: 816-231-7375 Fax: 816-241-0368 Email:





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About FILTRONETICS, Inc.: Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the company was established in 1970. Over the past 35 years, Filtronetics, Inc. has developed a broad line of frequency products for diverse applications ranging from communications to instrumentation for commercial, industrial and military applications. Filtronetics also has a wide variety of custom and standard inductive products. Coils, Toroidal Inductions, Solenoids, Bifilar wound Solenoids, Trifilar Solenoids and Transformers. Filtronetics, Inc. continually updates its Kansas City filter manufacturing facility and equipment with the latest technology.

Filtronetics Inc 6010 Parretta Drive Kansas City, Missouri MO (USA) 64120
 Tel: 816-231-7375 Fax: 816-241-0368 Email: